FrigoFlex® Fittings and Hoses

Our product line FrigoFlex® represent the top of the range in FlexinGroup production.

It consist in Clamp Fittings “One Piece” with Ferrules to be connected to our Hoses FG100 and FG300.


Both the Fittings and the hoses are conceived to work together. They are available in standard sizes from #06 to #18.

The best performances in permeability and strenght terms at high refrigerator and work environment temperature are given by our FrigoFlex® Fittings and Hoses.


Our FrigoFlex® Fitting was developed to consent the best installation easiness in comparison to other similar fittings in the market. FrigoFlex® Fitting best feature consist in its own one piece production process, avoiding, in this manner, the assembly of two or more metallic parts.

The FrigoFlex® 20second assembling time represent the ultimate benefit for the end user.


This Fitting, “field attachable”, is especially indicated also for the After Market.