FlexinGroup is a producer of Fittings molded in steel, aluminium, copper, brass and inox steel, filleted Hoses and components related to the field of A/C (air conditioner) and refrigeration.

We are specialized in planning and production of customized design solutions, under specific customer request.

Our products are used in the field of the off-higway machine as the earth moving machines, agricultural machinery, contruction machinery, our products are used also in the transport field, minerary field, navy and others.


FLexibility & EXpertise

Flexin Group works in close partnership with its customers in order to ensure high standard Services and Customer Satisfaction.

In order to obtain this result the company has setted to itself a goal: to be a real partner for its customers through an accurate Teamwork; in this manner we can define Projects through a qualified and accountable Aftermarket Service.



Innovation is a founding value of our DNA and represent the primary device to satisfy the evergrowing world market requests.