FrigoFlex® Fittings and Hoses

Our product line Frigoflex® represents the top of the range out of Flexin Group production.

It consists in “One Piece” fittings both with clamps and ferrules to be connected to our Frigoflex® FG100 and FG300 hoses.


Both Frigoflex® Fittings and Hoses are conceived to work together. They are available in standard sizes from #06 (DN08) to #18 (DN25)

The best performances in permeability and flexibility under high work environment temperatures are granted by our Frigoflex® Fittings and Hoses.


Our Frigoflex® Fitting was developed to allow the easiest installation process in comparison to other similar fittings in the market. Frigoflex® Fitting’s best features is to be “one piece” avoiding the assembly of two or more components.

The Frigoflex® 20second assembling time represents the most important advantage for the end user.


This “field attachable” Fitting, is especially suitable for After Market applications.

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